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Minimum Commision
Exchange of real-money crypto currency with minimum commission for the seller and buyer - 0.75%.
Security for Buyer and Seller
Everything happens quickly and under the controller of the system.The seller reserves the crypt in our wallet and we transfer it to the buyer ONLY after the seller receives the money, both are safe.
Money transfers from ONE payment systems (QIWI - QIWI, Sberbank Online - Sberbank Online). It's fast and convenient.
The price is set by the seller
The seller can rightfully set the price for which he will sell. The price is cheaper, the faster it will sell, and vice versa.

How it works

1. If you want to sell the currency at a favorable rate for the dollar, euro, hryvnia or ruble, you need     create a lot on Altmart.io, select the number of coins, the rate at which you want to sell, the payment system,     where it is convenient for you to get the fiat money, and transfer the number of coins, taking into account the minimum commission     system.

Also you can set a constantly updated recommended course calculated on the basis of the average price     sale and purchase on the market. Once the buyer is on the lot, he must within 30 minutes     to transfer you the fiat money directly. You will be notified so that you confirm receipt.

Warning: The money from the bank can go for several days.The buyer in the period from 24 to 72 hours should     report on non-receipt of funds. If this is not done, Altmart will assume that the payment was received     and the buyer will go coins.

2. If you want to buy a crypto currency, choose a suitable lot, specify a crypto-currency purse where it's convenient to get coins and pay money directly to the seller.You will receive 0.75% less the amount claimed in the lot.